Mat Pilates

This class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Don’t be fooled that it looks easy. You will change your mind very quickly! The focus here is all about technique.  Modifications are used throughout the class so you will always have a choice to slow it down or challenge yourself more. We use various props (ball, circle, band, weights) in class to just push you that little bit more. Clients will need general good health and be free from injuries. Pregnant women are able to attend during their first trimester.

Reformer Pilates

Reformers are such a wonderful piece of Pilates equipment.  With only 4 in a class the instructor can keep an eye on each person’s technique and form throughout the class.  Want to feel a burn like no other? Here’s your chance! A fun, challenging class that works the whole body. Modifications will be made throughout the class.  So if you are a beginner or advanced we’ve got you. Pregnant women are able to attend during the first trimester.

Equipment Pilates

This class will change your life! With only 3 in a class, anything is achievable here. If you have been doing Mat and Reformer classes and you are looking to challenge yourself even more, this is the class for you. We provide each client with their own personal program tailored to your exact needs. Using the Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Reformers and more you will advance with exercises you never felt possible. This is where Pilates becomes incredible! No need to do Mat or Reformer classes first. Jump straight into Equipment classes and build your foundation.

The Equipment class is perfect for clients experiencing any injuries and need particular attention. With your own personalised program we can guide you step by step to recovery and help maintain good technique and form.

Older Clients
For the older clients the Equipment class is a game changer!  For those clients who need to go at their own pace under the careful supervision of their instructor.  These classes are perfect to help maintain good health, strong minds and strong bodies.

Prenatal and Postnatal
The amazing thing about Equipment Pilates is we can cater for all the mums to be right up into your 3rd trimester. It is so important to keep the body moving during this time and it will help your recovery immensely. Once bub has arrived these classes are essential to rebuild that mind-body connection and look and feel strong. Ready to take on the day!


Learn to incorporate a beautiful meditation into your daily routine. Join us on the mat and be guided through a peaceful meditation to help your mind and body slow down, to take a moment and breathe.